ABTC provides solutions and services through the following Divisions
Automation and Control Division
We offer design, engineering, programming and project management for all aspects of your automation needs including:

•     Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.
•     Power Plant and Substation Control and Monitoring system.
•     Plant instrumentation,Process Control and Communication system.
•     Power system Monitoring, Control and Load Management.
•     Alarm Annunciation and MIMIC system.
•     Plant Integration and embedded plant shutdown response system
•     Power factor Monitoring and correction system.
•     Automatic Transfer and Synchronization system for power sources.
•     Automatic Capacitors Control system(ACCS).
•     Automation, Instrumentation Products and Spares from all vendors.

We also provides the following products and components for industrial, residential and commercial sectors:

•     PLC Components and Spares     
•     Instrumentation Products
•     Drives and Motor Control Products

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Building Technologies Division

We provide the following solutions and services in the Building Technology Division, based on Siemen's Building Technologies:

•     Building and Home Automation Systems.
•     HVAC Control Systems.
•     Command and Control systems i.e. Sun Blinds and Shades Control, Automatic Door Control.
•     Intrusion and Serveillance Systems.
•     Access Control and Identification Systems.
•     Fire Detection, Evacution,Extinguishing and Danger Management Systems.

Some Characteristics of our Solution
•     Open System Architecture
•     Open Standards Supports
•     Remote Communication Options
•     Scalability of System
•     Facility management
•     System Integration
•     High Energy Efficiency and Flexibility
•     Ease of Operation for optimum comfort

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Power Division
 power substation

 ABTC offers the Supply, Installation, and Testing / Commissioning of Medium and Low Voltage Electrical Equipment including:

•      MV Switchgear
•      LV Switchboard / Panel boards
•      Motor Control Center
•      Ring Main Units
•      Oil Filled and Dry Type Transformers
•      Pad Mounted Transformers
•      Pad Mounted Switchgears
•      Generators / Wind Turbines
•      Automatic Transfer Switch
•      Synchronization and Automatic bus Transfer system
•      Power Cable Termination and splicing up to 33kV

LED based Lighting Division
ABTC offers a complete range of LED products, including supply, installation, testing and commissioning.

•      LED bulbs and spotlights
•      LED tube lights
•      LED street and floodlights
•      LED display and Wall Washers
•      Solar Power LED lights
•      Infrared, Ultraviolet, Surface mount Devices (SMD)
•      Colored Lighting LEDs

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Operation, Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Testing Services Division
ABTC offers routine, periodic and preventive maintenance and testing services for the following equipment and systems:

•      Short Circuit studies
•      Protection relays settings and testing
•      System Functional test
•      Power Transformers testing
•      Shunt Reactor and Capacitor Banks Testing
•      LV and MV Switch Gear and Ring Main Units
•      13.8kV, 33kV, XLPE cable test
•      SCADA, CCMS, BMS and other automation systems
•      Provides troubleshooting Services for Automation and Control Systems from all reputed vendors.

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Solar Energy
ABTC offers Supply, Installation and Testing  of low to medium capacity solar systems  with associated control, switchover and monitoring  system for Applications like:

•      Atmospheric Monitoring Stations
•      Irrigation systems, Water Pumping from Wells and Rivers
•      Microwave Repeaters
•      Military Target Practice Ranges
•      Portable Lighting Systems
•      Remote Homes (Lighting, Refrigeration, Water Pumping, Communication Systems)
•      Remote Health Clinics
•      Telecommunication systems

olar Energy Components and Products
•      Photovoltaic Solar Panels
•      Batteries for Solar Installation
•      Solar Inverters
•      Solar battery Chargers
•      Power Distribution Cables
•      Solar Concentrator
•      Solar Heaters
•      Solar Lightings

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Fiber Optic Systems
ABTC offers Fiber Optic Solutions for core Automation and Communications Systems in and out of facility.

•      Supply of Fiber Optic Cables
•      Fiber Optics Splicing and OTDR Testing
•      Installation, emergency restoration, hot-cuts of Fiber Optics Systems
•      Termination and Troubleshooting of new or exixting Fiber Optic Networks (Both Single and Multi mode Cable)
•      Patch panels
•      Media Convertors
•      Industerial Switches and Routers

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Diesel Generators and Power Supply solutions
We provide Diesel Generator Sets from reputed vendors for homes, commercial, Construction and Industrial

•      offers worldwide sales of New and Used Diesel Generators
•      Electric Power Generator Sets
•      Standby/Backup and Prime Generator Sets
•      Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)
•      Mobile generator sets for outdoor operation with the advantage of being able to relocate the power wherever
       it is most required
Sound proof and weather proof enclosures
•      Indoor generator set mounted on base fuel tank
•      Vibration Control mountings
•      Mechanical supporting legs

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Small Wind Power Solutions
We offer system selection, supply, installation, commissioning, start up and under warranty support of economical Wind Generation Systems from the average home wind power system to bigger capacity residential &commercial applications.

•      Offshore Packaged Power Supplies
•      Hybrid solution of Wind and Solar
•      Onshore Battery Chargers for Wind Energy
•      Wind and Hydro Turbines
•      Generators
•      Alternators
•      Grid Connection and Stand alone (Grid off) Solutions

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